The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour

Screen Test/Tomorrow’s World

July 2, 2021

If there are two things that The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour strives to champion at every turn, it's a) picking apart needless detail in things we've just watched, and b) The Future™. Their booze-fuelled discourse elevated once again by the magnificent Ozzy Bognops, our plucky protagonists wade bottle-opener-first into both...

This week it's 1982, where powers of observation, recall and generally giving a single cinematic fig are stretched to their very limits under the auspices of Brian Trueman in Screen Test. Then, after tea, it's time to sit back down and be left utterly agog at the miraculous inventions and advancements which await our society in Tomorrow's World.

Is Trueman's fragile mortal shell about to be torn asunder by the God-like power he wields over his contestants? Are radio-telephones really going to become all of the rage outside of That London? And is there any greater tonic in these troubled times for the middle-aged man than Maggie Philbin in a pink jumpsuit?

These secrets lie herein...

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